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urbansafetysolutions.com Non Lethal Personal Safety Devices For Urban Women

tactical pen in black featuring glass breaker … I feel so much safer after buying the little door and window alarms from you. … Saint Louis, MO 63117.


urbansafetysolutions.com Does Your Daughter Have Her College Female Self Defense Kit …

So Urban Safety Solutions created a black owned self defense kit. … History of crimes in St Louis Mo university college campuses.


urbansafetysolutions.com Blog | Urban Safety Solutions

Black Owned Personal Security Products for Women Many women have been told … Kit Xtreme Urban Survival Kit will help protect college students from crime.


urbansafetysolutions.com Always Travel with AirBNB Door Stop Alarm Kit | Urban Safety …

You may be among the people that prefer Airbnbs or vacation rentals over hotels as your accommodation choice. They provide more space to spread out, especially¬†…


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