black owned non lethal self defense products Urban Safety Solutions Black Owned Self Defense Kit | Urban Safety …

More specifically, anyone who has been forced to use a non-lethal self-defense product by the need to defend a right of one’s own or of others against the … Urban Safety Solutions Personal Security Devices for College … has non-lethal self-defense products for women are … Equipping oneself with weapons like the black owned self-defense kit will … Blog | Urban Safety Solutions

Black Owned Personal Security Products for Women Many women have been told … for self-defense training and non-lethal options has been growing steadily. Non Lethal Personal Safety Devices For Urban Women

Non-Lethal Self Defense, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Hidden Cameras, Knives … Product Categories. security … tactical pen in black featuring glass breaker … Does Your Daughter Have Her College Female Self Defense Kit …

So Urban Safety Solutions created a black owned self defense kit. … she can go on the offense to disable her attacker using non-lethal moves.

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