urbansafetysolutions.com Spike Stun Guns | Urban Safety Solutions

The Spike stun gun has two sharp spikes. It was designed this way so it could double as a striking self defense tool. You would aim for the eyes or throat.


urbansafetysolutions.com Non Lethal Personal Safety Devices For Urban Women

Details how women can use urban safety devices such as stun guns, defensive sprays and personal alarms to safeguard against being victimized.


urbansafetysolutions.com Practical Personal Security Devices for College Females | Urban …

Spike stun guns are light, can be charged with USB, and most impressively, deliver more than 20 million volts at the highest setting. Get your spike stun gun …


urbansafetysolutions.com Does Your Daughter Have Her College Female Self Defense Kit …

Devices like personal alarms and those spike stun guns can help scare creeps, stalkers, and buglers. And when the worst comes to the worst, …


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