personal protection for urban women Non Lethal Personal Safety Devices For Urban Women

Details how women can use urban safety devices such as stun guns, defensive sprays and personal alarms to safeguard against being victimized. Blog | Urban Safety Solutions

Personal Security Devices for Women. … Urban Safety Solutions Personal Safety Alarm Kit Personal safety is among the basic needs of every human being. Urban Safety Solutions Black Owned Self Defense Kit | Urban Safety …

Social policy measures can act to prevent violence if they allow, for example, to strengthen the social skills of young black women. This can be done directly¬†… About | Urban Safety Solutions

Personal Protection for Women. … You want your daughter to be able to protect herself against being victimized by violent street crime such as rape and¬†… Xtreme Urban Survival Kit $68 With Discount Code | Urban Safety …

The Xtreme Urban Survival Kit contains contains one black Spike Stun Gun 20 Million … where its sprayed and will not affect others in close proximity.

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